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In order to fill out your application properly you need to find your "Steam ID".
This is NOT the user name you use to log into steam! it is the ID that steam gives your account when you use a game. (eg. STEAM_x:x:xxxxxxx)

To find this ID you must follow the steps below:

1. Launch CS:S.
2. Join a server.
3. Press the (~) button (For the benefit of Non En_US keyboards, the key immediately to the left of the 1 key). (see below if ~ does not bring up a console)
4. Once the console is brought up type "status" (must be in a server for this to work)
5. Find your name and copy the steam ID following your name (eg. # 14371 "[C7] HAL2011" STEAM_0:0:10101010 06:52 213 0 active)
6. Please post the full STEAM_0:0:10101010 into the post including the STEAM_.

(~) doesn't bring up a console?
This is easy enough to fix.

1. Press the "Options" button in counterstrike:source.
2. Go into the "Keyboard" tab.
3. Click on the "Advanced.." button at the bottom.
4. Make sure that "enable developer console (~)" is checked.
5. Press OK and then hit the (~) Key and the console should now be brought up!
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