I Had a Stellar time the DOD server last night! (1 Viewer)

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My lovely clan members you guys rocked last night on the DOD server was amazing how you all played so brilintly...I must admit I was nervous as hell as I haven't engaged in a battle like that in a long time I am seriously over excited from all the fun I had! Not to sound to over dramatic but really you guys showed me great skills and showmanship!

I was vary impressed how you guys kept finding new ways to make you're attacks and how well you guys protected you're target points. I was also amazed at the ability you had to watch over you're team mates and best of all learn how to stand back as some of you guys had used each other to draw fire while others grabbed the advantage points yes I was paying attention at you're skills!

I also would like to tell you we had a few guests in our server watching how you guys behaved from another major clan he is a huge clan leader who was really impressed how we scrimmaged against each other and kept ourselves well behaved. We have a long ways before we will ever get noticed from being a ranking clan but seriously if we get together like that more often we will definitely gain more superiority among-st ourselves and soon be able to request a real clan match!

And yes these other clans would love to have the match hosted on our server with the WC3FT MOD and have it exactly the way it is...


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Thank you my Emperor I wish to train your troops to be the best fighting/wow squad alive if you let me. I could have us running circles around the opposition.

And yeah i was in cal for dod so I'm sweet!!!!!!!
har ahr har
oh and get rid of those bots they do nothing! please and thank you
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