I made my Wiimote work on mah Laptop!


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Dec 31, 1969
Melbourne, Vic, Australia
Out of pure anger since my PC doesnt want to work right, i started messing with GlovePIE and my Wiimotes. I managed to write a script to control my mouse with the wiimote, write another for FPS games (mainly for HL2 related games) and downloaded another for that Frets on Fire game that uses my Guitar Hero 3 shell for the wiimote.

I can upload videos on how to do it or just me playing it if you guys want.

So far Frets on Fire works perfectly, FPS games work really well but i still need to tweak the sensitivity. I did this just for fun mainly, so don't go saying 'LOL BUT MOUSE AND KEYBOARD ARE GOOD CONTROLS DONT BOTHER' cause i know that i was just experimenting.

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