Ideas for the zriot server! Also Medpacks!


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May 15, 2010
San Jose
Medpacks! We need Medpacks! You guys added medpacks in the zriot server and we are very grateful. But i was wondering why remove it lol? It kinda made the whole zombie apocalyse much better when your grabing medpacks. What else is there? Oh yea how bout some infected players. some of the zombie stab can make the player turn zombie or the last person who died on the previous day becomes a zombie on the next one. it would make the zriot a bit challenging (and score me some points xD) uh.... what else. oh btw you might want to check your server it sometimes goes offline i dont know if you do that. so i think thats all i have to put rofls. oh and some more maps. i made a thread once but i couldn't find it (website noob=me) rofls so yeah ut whatever maps suits you guys and the server lol. see you in game xD ITS PWNAGE TIME! xD jk
We were suffering a lot of crashes a while back and removed a lot of extra plugins from that server to help minimize the amount of crashes.

I will look into adding it back but for now we will leave it off...

Current mapcycle/maplist,

  1. ze_retribution
  2. zm_28_days_later
  3. zm_4way_spacetunnel_idm_v1f
  4. zm_aftermatch
  5. zm_AnotherUglyZMap_v1e
  6. zm_atix_helicopter
  7. zm_atix_night
  8. zm_avotenk_v_1_5
  9. zm_base_b3
  10. zm_bio_nightfall_final
  11. zm_bphx_reactor_v4_2
  12. zm_bunker_f57_v2
  13. zm_churchofmint
  14. zm_concrete_final
  15. zm_cozcenter
  16. zm_countrylake_b2
  17. zm_crackhouse_underground
  18. zm_cratesfinal_big
  19. zm_crazys_facility_b2
  20. zm_dark_office
  21. zm_desert_fortress_v2
  22. zm_distant
  23. zm_doom3
  24. zm_dustpanic_b3
  25. zm_egypt
  26. zm_firstmap_b1
  27. zm_freakhouse_v2
  28. zm_ghs_2places
  29. zm_ghs_angry_arena_v2
  30. zm_ghs_flats
  31. zm_ghs_mansion_twilight_final
  32. zm_gorodok_v1
  33. zm_halo_v3
  34. zm_holdout_b5
  35. zm_holdout_b5f
  36. zm_hospitalv4
  37. zm_idm_hauntedhouse_v1
  38. zm_isolation_x
  39. zm_lab_panic_b_3
  40. zm_lila_off!ce
  41. zm_lila_panic
  42. zm_lila_panic_redemption_b2
  43. zm_lila_panic_red_alpha3
  44. zm_lila_panic_revisited_b4
  45. zm_little_city_v7_roy
  46. zm_loki_horrorhood_V1
  47. zm_lostfarm_b2
  48. zm_lv426
  49. zm_mk_stormthefront
  50. zm_natalyas_ship
  51. zm_neko_abura_v2
  52. zm_neko_athletic_park_v2
  53. zm_newgrounds
  54. zm_ninja_beta
  55. zm_nuclair
  56. zm_officeoutbreak
  57. zm_office_unlimited_fixed
  58. zm_offski_V3
  59. zm_pandemie
  60. zm_panic
  61. zm_roy_abandoned_canals_v12
  62. zm_roy_the_ship
  63. zm_runforyourlife
  64. zm_salon_moon
  65. zm_skydrop_v3
  66. zm_snoopie_hotel_final_fix1
  67. zm_spacestationflee_v2_fix
  68. zm_survival_final
  69. zm_tag_sealed
  70. zm_tanna
  71. zm_undergroundstation_v2
  72. zm_vc2_horrortown_fixed_final
  73. zm_vc2_ka_cssmc_zombie_beta6
  74. zm_vc2_lila_town
  75. zm_vc2_officerampageb8_fix
  76. zm_vc2_office_redone_b1
  77. zm_vc2_orangeskyhigh
  78. zm_vc2_scrapyard
  79. zm_vc2_winterfun
  80. zm_wasteyard_beta3
  81. zm_winterfun_b2
  82. zm_zerbes_corruption
  83. zm_zerbes_demons
  84. zm_zomb_halloween_beta1


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May 15, 2010
San Jose
Aight so the zriot has now been updated cuz of the new css addons.
I been playing since it ever comback. But the maplist only has reg css map no zm maps,
the SM-radio doesnt work, also the server crashes sometimes at the end of days mostly in between 4 and 5. Plz look into it.


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May 15, 2010
San Jose
Ty for the thnks Cozmic glad i could help. But im sry to say there is still a re-occuring problem in the server. Sometimes at some point in the game the server disconnects and resets the server back to day 1. Me and my friend unknown thought it was the fire effect of css is what makes the server crash for a short time (unfortunately not xD). I was wondering if you can check the servers addons for the problem to happen or you can come play with us (if you have the time) and see it for yourself. ty for your audience and have a great day.
Yeah I am sure there are a lot of issues right now which Valve needs to look into wish one of the Devs would offer to look at our crash dumps for errors...

Anything you can report will be relayed back to someone either way because these forums are being watched by people in the moding communities hopefully Gabe Newell himself will be able to see whats happening here thanks to people like you!
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May 15, 2010
San Jose
heheheh ty. Also thx for putting the medpack back lol. AWESOME. i feel like i can kill more zombies lol. Server does still have the crashed problems. Also can you please put the m249 para machine gun in game i think some of the players would appreciate it. but limit it only to one person per round to use. TY for your audience
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