In it to win it! #2 - 02/2010 Dead Space 2

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The winner is..........................

Post number 11 (O) Troopah

Stay tuned as we will announce our next "In it to win it!" tonight at Midnight EST.

I would like to welcome you all to the second "In it to win it!"

This month we have a copy of Dead Space 2 up for grabs!

Simply post a reply to this thread with the following sentence.
[b] I'm in it to win it![/b]

And your in! An entered user will be randomly selected using a psudo-random number generator that calls out a number (defined by how many entries) every 1/100th of a second until stopped.

The winner will be selected on the 29th of each month!

Rules: Registered Forums User confirmed 1 post, and confirmed profile. Must have a Steam account. Must be a part of our Steam group.

Link to Steam: [url][/url]
Link to our Steam Group: [url][/url]

Restrictions: Obviously you can’t own the game already, Steam won’t allow a gift copy. A winner cannot enter in the next month’s promotion; they must wait a cool down of one month. All community rules present and listed above must be followed otherwise the entry will be forfeit and possibly ban from future “In it to win it!” promotions.
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Feb 5, 2011
You pulled my arm and leg to get me to do this.. gah D:

I'm in it to win it!
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