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Jan 3, 2007
Alright kiddies It's time for me to leave to defend the honor, courage, commitment, and needs of America!
I ship out the 5th of september, So this is my formal goodbye until I return.

don't worry I will still be in the clan, Due to my personality and ability to handle extreme stress they have stuck
me with a leadership position already...which is really odd I think.

For those who don't know I'm a gunners mate.
I repair, maintain, and calibrate weapons and targeting systems.
So in other words I will be trained to interact with many different forms of weapons.

I will miss this big hole in the internet, and I'm sure you will miss my outragous outbursts, and crazyness.

Stay safe dear clan and don't get raped at a frat party.

Cozman-you have yet to give me a address
Dark1- I need to talk to you about that banking thing
Blue- Make sure that lazy little austrailian child makes my model and that you keep it in safe keeping
Church- Be crazy with your woman believe me she will love it!
Souske- good luck airman zecca!
Dizzy- If I find out your getting on dark1's nerves a lot I will fly to your house and shove a red poker up your woohoo
Eye4neye- Thank you very much for all your help it was recieved with open arms and a heavy heart.
Josh- I don't like your personality nor your lies, and I don't care what you feel or think.
Strifex- I'm gona miss my stooge number 1, stay safe little man and make sure you adhere to all the rules set for you!
Biohazard- Stooge Number 2 stay safe and stoop eating honey out of the jar!
Drak- Your one crazy dude! don't get into to much trouble and try and get some you craZy!
AngryAgent- It was nice talking to you, I hope that you destroy that little notepad you keep all of your notes on, but hey its just paper.
Kilroy- Man Your just a nut!
Coopcrusader- your a pompus ignorant moron remember its not across the street its down the lane!
TheWeeking- Your the coolest swedish dude I have ever met, keep up the good work!
El- Yes we all know your a latino so can you stop reminding us?
Tazz-Modders inc dude your a riot!
sytheknight0 I think you need a hair cut!

Special goodbyes:

Your a good brother man, remember that if you should hit rough times I will be there for you if I can, Stay safe and try not to stir up to much trouble. Because I can only shovel it out so fast haha!

Ahh my DigiDad, Words that describe my feelings on leaving you would depict a different picture in text so you know the scenario already.
Stay safe and tell your family I will help if they even need help!

Man your a nut, without you I wouln't have any of this, good friends, a mapping team. admin power, stooges to kick around. Your a good man and I hope everything stays withing tangible limits for you (stress). Stay safe my mighty leader!

Man without you I would not be able to express myself creatively. Thank you for making mapping so easy for me!

Strifex & Biohazard:
Man you guys are nutty! I'm going to miss helping you stalk server prey with kicks and bans. Just don't play to rough because if I have to come back to smack you on the hand I will!

Your a good man Mr. N, Thank you for sitting through my "confuse the shrink" moments. Your a good guy....just REALLY QUIET!!!!!!
No offense but sometimes it creeps me out!

Thats it and for the rest of those people who thought they should have received a Special Goodbye Go shoot yourself!

To those people I dislike, hate, and mutually loath:
If you don't talk to me or stay away from me it helps fill that gap so to speak!(Josh)
Stop being emotional stfu and stop craving for attention you tard!(josh)
You dare insult me again in vent I will ban you from it (coop)

Dumbasses that frequent the server:
Either follow the rules or I will shove my BAN-HAMMER so far up your woohoo that you will urinate blood for weeks!

Thank you for your ?time and for those who just because upset reading this remember its just the internet! Are you realy going to take offense to what I say here? If yes throw a plugged in toaster in a bath full of water while your bathing, its soothing!
If no I don't believe you! I insist you take me up on action one.

Bye bye peeps and try not to freak out when I leave!
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