INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat

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Hmm.. just saw that this mod was released. Anyone try it out yet? It looks pretty interesting. I will be installing it later today to try it.

Insurgency Mod

Here's some info on it:

The Concept...
Insurgency's primary concept is to create an immersive online combat experience for the player,with an emphasis on teamwork and realistic elements to create intense firefights in detailed urban environments. The first scenario is set during the present war in Iraq, after the fall of the government and the uprising insurgency that followed as a result.

Specially designed teams will help to make INS a fun and unique gaming experience to both tactical and casual gamers. If your play style is more geared towards using real tactics, teamwork, communication, and personal skill, then the Conventional teams will likely be your favorite. If you just want to get into the action and have some fun, grab your AK47 or RPG and let loose as a Guerrilla or Paramilitary fighter. INS aims to please both those tactical and casual fans and we believe it will be a great game for clans/squads/tactical units.

The Battlefield...
Insurgency will take you across the modern battlefield, engaging in intense firefights and battles as a member of either a highly organized and equipped conventional force (US Marines), or as an unconventional fighter that uses a combination of firepower and bravery to take on their sometimes overwhelming opponent (Insurgents).

Players will find themselves caught in explosive battles across Almaden, Baghdad, Haditha, Karkar and Ramadi, moving from the dusty, battered streets, to taking cover behind vehicles and inside store fronts. keep your eyes open for the enemy as you and your team seek out to accomplish the mission's objectives. Capturing ground wherever possible, pushing into the front lines and driving the enemy back.

With an urban battlefield, Strong tactics, teamwork, and leadership are essential for victory to be accomplished in the challenge of modern infantry combat.
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