JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Final Fight - Dio vs Jotaro


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Dec 31, 1969
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My personal favorite OVA/Anime. Great manga too, got me started in reading it. Part one Part two Part three

BACKGROUND INFO: The weird ghost things they fight with are called Stands, which are spirits bonded with the people that they choose. You cant actually see them unless you A) are some sorta spirit median or 2) have a stand yourself. Dio is a vampire that hated the Joestar family (JoJo and Jotaro) He had his head cut off at the start by JoJo, and his head was thrown into the water, where JoJo's father was aswell, then many years later, they found JoJo's father's head with no body, and Dio's body with no head. Dio used the powerful Joestar family body to increase his own vampire power, and he happen to gain a Stand power aswell, called 'The World', which can freeze time for a while. He wants to absorb the rest of the Joestar blood to become even stronger and mostly immortal, so here we are in the near future with JoJo dead and his son Jotaro fighting Dio for the first and last time.

Best thing ever... theres one scene before this where Dio (the blonde bad guy) gets some guy to drive him to where he wants, and they are stuck in traffic, he orders the driver to drive on the footpath, and tells him to go faster... and faster... adn faster... till he is going so fast people cant dodge out of the way, and he is just running over everyone, and Dio just smiles at the blood on the windows.

Another cool scene to add is Jotaro's friend fighting Dio's servant, Iced. Yes the Dog has a stand for some reason, its some sand spirit.

Tell me what you think!
tl;dr its awesome watch it.

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