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Samantha De Lorenzo

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May 4, 2012
Rochester, New York, United States
Hey CoZ, me & DanteFuegos are currently building a bathhouse in the COZWORLD.com Creative Server & noticed that we can't use the water bucket. Do you think that you can lift the creative control off of the water bucket so we can use it to make our bathhouse look more functional? Sorry to bug you about it. Anyways, hope to hear from you soon.


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General builders will never have access to certain things because of the fact they are the first tear group if you understand that because we like to not find the world completely filled with water!

There is other option is to either get Zerotoxins on the server to put the water where you need it or wait till I am on an ask me to fix it which would be around 5:30PM...

The last option is to apply for moderator but it requires you to be on TeamSpeak 3 100% whenever your on that Minecraft server that you have moderator on and if you break the rule your access would be removed all together! Which in many cases people fail it about 89% :)

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