Banned kgb | lwantobeonyou unban plz (ZM 1.2.1

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Feb 5, 2009
Athens, Ohio, United States
i am sorry for using the n word but i was making fun of the 'Gay Activist' spammer and i didnt realize he left cause i had him muted

im sorry

(my user name is not racist, my original name was ?Dujim and my friend gave me the nickname juujuu because he couldnt say it)
First off it stats on any of our servers rules Racism of any kind results in a permanent ban!

It shows it in the MOTD of every server we run and there is a message that pops up on every server stating Racism of any kind results in a permanent ban!

We do not tolerate kidding or repeating of any offensive words whether it was in fun or anger!

You want to be unbanned but you hadn't provided enough information for us to even consider unbanning you!

We do accept apologies but we do not do the work of helping people get unbanned if they broke the first rule!

If you seriously like our server please get your STEAM_ID and add it to your profile and fill out the rest of the information and after your profile is completely filled out we might consider unbanning you!

Then say hello in the hello's forums!

But if this is the only way you can apologize then just accept it that your eventually going to be banned on a lot of Half Life community servers!
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