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Killing Floor Vehicle Mod
The Killing Floor Vehicle Mod is an expansion game type that enhances the standard Killing Floor game play elements by adding a range of quality made and highly realistic vehicles that act as both your weapon and mode of transport. As part of the Zed clean up crew you will have a sophisticated and fun set of features at your disposal to aid you in your ultimate goal of ridding humanity of the horde.

Here is a list of some of the highlights already implemented:

* Multiple vehicles with specific strengths and weaknesses relative to their build
* 1st person and 3rd person display for inside and outside vehicle visuals
* A 'drag frag' system that rewards high speed collisions and penalises slow crawls
* Fuel cans that can be purchased or possibly looted for refuelling and barbecuing
* A mechanic's welding tool for garage repairs
* Highly responsive braking for rapid spinning turns
* Vehicle share with passenger seating
* Land based and airbourne methods of transportation
* Mounted user controlled vehicle weapons
* Vehicle damage and destruction relative to collisions and attacks
* Automatic or manual vehicle respawn features can be customised on a map per map basis
* An abundance of custom and stock maps; both conversions and mod specific
* Completely integrated with the Killing Floor SDK for community mapping

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