Important Leaning the website up! Possibly name change! (1 Viewer)

I am in the process of making the website leaner! I removed all the automated news feeds because they were overloading the database so much I couldn't do anything!

I been doing loads of Social Media stuff and am going to try to mimic what I do on this website.

The game servers are offline until I finish removing all the feeds in the database to help speed things up!

I have been deciding whether or not to change the website name to something a bit more Urban or Gangster since it seems like people prefer Tough Aggressive kinds of names rather than CozWorld

One idea I had was Urban Thugs Gaming Community World Wide I know it probably sounds silly but I think the sillyness of the name might attract both wanted and unwanted guest or members either way its just an idea.
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Martin Weltchek

Martin Weltchek

Everyone shits!

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