Life In Half-Life 1 And 2..?


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Dec 31, 1969
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Hallo thar peoples! I was just reading xXdeathXx's wish on the "Grant A Wish" forum post. (WishGame) [At the bottom.]
And I thought that it was really cool how he thought of how C7 were the overpowering combine. So I said, ah what the hell, I'll make a forum post about it!

So here's my question. If we did live in the time that HL2 takes place. What would you want to be? What would you do? How will you live your life? Stuff like that.

Even if you want to do something involved with Half-Life 1. Like for example you could be a security guard during the Black Mesa incident with Xen and whatnot.


"I'd like to be a Metrocop during HL2. Being able to use unlimited power and able to have the upper hand on the city. Oh sure, all my organs are probably taken out of me, and I'll probably either get owned by Gordan or a Rebel. But just the buzz of the stun-stick sounds satisfying. Lol.

Now the rest of you people do your thing! 8O

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