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May 1, 2010
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Hi there everyone...seems there are no threads here so I shall start one :D.

The Sony Playstation 3 I would love to know others thoughts on this contraption.

Do ya love it?
Do ya hate it?
Do you just not know?
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May 1, 2010
North Carolina
Yea thats what I started out with but 2 of em broke on me so I just switched to ps3


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This topic is about the Playstation 3 and it is in the Playstation 3 forums so I would think you guys should stay on topic!

I was really late in adopting to the Playstation 3 given the there was no reason for us moving to the Playstation 3 other then waiting to make sure BlueRay was to be a standard video format!

Once I was sure the Blueray wasn't going anywhere we then purchased one.. So I highly recommend it? I would say not really because unless you have a LCD TV its a waste! Because the PS3 is all about your media experience where Microsoft didn't put a lot into the Xbox 360 where that is they relied on 3rd Party Developers but Sony has all that working in their favor as they are a Multimedia company they had access to load their content in regards but given they are more into Media not into gaming and obviously not into making a Sleek GUI like the Xbox goes I would say the Xbox rules in your overall gaming experience...

Those overheating issues with the Xbox might be over but I wouldn't bet my hat on it as there were so many people had the Red Ring of Death makes be a bit scared to buy another even though our last Xbox 360 lasted 4 years till it finally had the four red rings it still seems a waste that we the consumer would have to purchase another at our expense given the fact we have own other game consoles for decades without issues like that I would say the Playstation 3 sounds a lot better because it offers a great Mulitmedia experience but like I said if your going to be using it on a average television its a huge waste of money in my opinion!

The Xbox however has a amazing user and community Experience and not to mention Sony cannot touch the Market Place so many things to buy from Arcade games to movies and songs...

The Playstation Home reminds me of Second Life in a way not really too impressed with how it looks and feels but because I know Sony could do so much better but they probably don't want to give too much away for free is a bad business model!

Now between the two this is what I think is good and bad!

Playstation 3
Blueray (It's amazing color and sound no other media format on the market out there beats it)
Built in Bluetooth (It's nice feature but didn't seem like a plus for me been using it for years but it's a easy way to attach devices to the PS3)
Playstation Home ( It's so so not that great to me reminds me of Second Life was never too impressed it Second Life)
Overall Size (The first generation of the PS3 was insainly massive not sure if it was a design built on penis envy but was one of the main reasons we didn't adopt in the first place but the new design sold me)
Built in web browser (Microsoft looses on this one only on the fact they won't allow it even though consumers want it! The PS3 built in web browser totally sucks balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's clunky and F-Ugly as hell!)
Hard Drive (This is Awesome you can buy a standard Laptop Hard drive not sure if there is a GB restriction but I love this option - Thanks Sony!)

Xbox 360
Hard Drive ( BAD = Its propriety Hardware so you have to use what they make)
HDMI (Good for Media Streaming to HD TV's)
Arcade (Sony cannot Touch this it's amazing)
Market Place (Once again Sonys left with whatever they have which to me needs work)

Final conclusion minus my spelling and grammer issues is the PS3 is a all in one Media station built for watching movies and playing games!

The Xbox360 was made for gamers in mind but not only for playing games... But given their history for the Xbox Red Rings more and more people are getting scared about buying one but that issues might be gone with the new designs!

In all I have to say I would if recommend you buy both because they both have something to offer but if you do not own a blueray and you love games and movies maybe want to play God of war the PS3 is better!

Now I cannot figure it all out and I am not the expert but would suggest you first see how much an investment it is first! Even though new release's of movies on Blueray are selling on average for about $29 you can buy previously viewed movies at block Buster on Blueray for around $14 to $9 and BestBuy has a $9 rack for older movies on Blueray now which makes it even easier to adopt!

Hope this enlightens you guys!
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