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Join us for a new open to all new server for the new MineCraft Halloween release!

We will be loading a few other servers later on...

Hello everyone!

I am posting here to invite people to check out our MineCraft server...

We been working on it for a while now and decided to let people come on and check out what we built!

Our server is open 24/7 on our dedicated server box using a 100MB up down connection...

To join our server just put cozworld.com in the IP box. We will be adding subdomains later on for people to join our other servers whenever we get to it! At this moment we would just like to allow people to visit our creations and later on we will be accepting applications for building rights like other servers...

At the moment we are deciding on how to allow people to build on our MineCraft servers and how we will host public servers... Just waiting for the survival updates mainly...

Once again it's really simple to find our server just type cozworld.com in the IP box!!

Join Our Team Speak 3 Server say Hello!

Download Team Speak 3 from http://www.teamspeak.com
Nickname: (Your Game Name/MineCraft name)
address: cozworld.com
port: 9987

I would just like to inform people who want to build on our server we will have a request form posted in our forums soon!

What we want is to have senior builders who want to add to our current theme as we hope sooner or later down the road that there will be an Adventure mode and we will either use the existing server or will cut out certain designs or remake them for a new server!

Here is a small sample of what we have been building recently:

Join Us!
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