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If you guys haven't seen we had a mishap yesterday with me playing around with Bukkit builds for the server administration. The version of Bukkit I used created huge gaps and moved some areas around but it wasn't as bad as I thought just a few areas were effected as far as I could see!

I loaded Simple Server Wrapper for now so that means no Warps or homes until we get a stable version of Bukkit we will suffer or otherwise we will have to shut the server down completely!

I think by Friday we will be singing a better tune as we will be loading a test server using a copy build of our Main build server so we will see issues easier with that one seeing how it has tons of buildings right near the spawn area!

We do not need to give anyone access to this test server as we want people to stay focused to populating one server but we might ask some of you to hop on and test something from time to time...

As it goes there are no warps, homes, dynamic maps, or shops but hopefully by Friday the plugin creators will have something whipped up!

Thank you...

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