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Instead of making a ton of you can build this or you cannot build that I want to focus on plugins taking care of the server rather then barking like a dog all the time at people... It will help making building fun again without all the restrictions...

I personally like the idea of protecting zones or setting up build rights within zones and having people police themselves into a town or something but people get bored and those area resources can get gobbled up really fast... But with Zones they are only for your main home and you can build outside of your home zone but whatever you build it's considered part of the land...

What i am referring to is there could be area within a huge circle or square area and within that circle or square there are smaller circles and squares. Each smaller circle or square would represent property for each builder to set up a protected piece of land that cannot be destroyed by anyone unless that builder gave that person rights to build on their land or vice versa. Anything built outside of any protected zone would be considered abandoned or free grab unless for some reason a sign or some marker is in place!

None of these rules are carved in ice they are meant to help people live without worry...
Main rules:
None at the moment...

I need someone somewhere that can set up or help me set up the zone plugin or community land plugin as I have been way to busy lately...

Lets not confuse this with the first launch of the Adventure mode server as I have no idea nor do I think anyone else does at this point on what to make of it...

What I am saying is the protected zones are for your personal property to keep it safe from others griefing it.. Build your house, tear it down as many times as you like but keep in your area...

All the other old Mumbo Jumbo rules are voided if we get a property plugin going..

Another idea to add is portals to each town and multiple worm holes to and from surrounding area's and have someone help set portal points on the maps as well as keep track of the portal names which I think should be simple maybe use # and Letters to represent each portal on the map rather then using names as most forget them anyways...

As far as portals go I see it as every town will have one main portal and that portal address will be the one main address all the other portals in that town will share... Out side of each down within a certain even space there will be portals... You can use any portal to go anywhere you want... No personal portals and was thinking if it works out we can eliminate warps and tp's but I would need someone with a real brain to set this up someone who has time and someone who I can trust with FTP and Full admin access...

I think the main spawn area isn't needed anymore for the main town as the main spawn can always be moved later on but consider the fact whatever you build anywhere at the beginning of a map start isn't going to be locked into anything or protected by these zone rules unless it falls into one of the zones...
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