Models are missing on Sven Server

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Yes I am back into Sven again but I have found 2 maps back to back that we(my clan mate servo and I) played on had model problems. The maps are sc_outpost3-1 and sc_dead_zone4-2_v3.

I hope to see some people play Sven soon =D
Well this has and always is going to be huge process with Sven Coop because they allow so many mappers just make crap and they never fully test to make sure all the files download for the maps either and if and when Sven Coop goes Linux people are going to have tons of issues with the res files using wrong directories and maps not working at all because the mapper had the wrong case size with the map file names...


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Aug 21, 2004
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The map "sc_dead_zone4-2_v3" I'm not surprised about.

I remember I had to show the map maker of that series how to make .res files and made the first one for him.

I thought someone had improved resgen though and made it more functional?
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