Most epic moment during gameplay.


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Dec 31, 1969
You heard it, post your most epic moment during gameplay. Doesn't matter what game or how long ago just post one that is epic or made you lul.

I'll start with my most recent one.

While playing Tf2 in an arena server, map was arena_granary, I got bored and decided to spy crab. During one of the rounds I was doing it I crabbed my way to the middle capture point. I was outnumbered 3:1 and I was defenseless and not attacking. Using only my strafe keys I dodged an enemy Demoman's regular grenades (Why he didn't just use stickys I'll never know). With my Dead-Ringer in hand I captured the point all by myself. The spy crab was truly a credit to team.

Now post yours >:3
I head shot someone from far away in DoD:S with sniper without using the scope

Also I got a 20 kill streak with Mosin nagant bolt action rifle in CoD WaW team deathmatch


Dec 31, 1969
Corpus Christi,Texas
You want the most epic thing? how about this: on Wednesday 9/2/2009, Me and my girlfriend were playing a massive Multi-player online third person shooter game called S4 League. We were playing a game mode called Chaser which is like extreme tag (the "chaser" is a single person chosen at random, who becomes uber-powerful with alot of hp, attack, and def) when suddenly a hacker comes in and one shots the chaser every round. Me with my smash arm(a melee/ranged weapon) get pissed off. So when his turn came to be the chaser, I ran up to him (covering myself with a shield skill) and began backhanding him into a corner. he couldnt do anything as when you hit someone with the melee of the smash arm, it stuns and launches them. So for the entire round hes chaser, I have him stunlocked in the corner...That is the most epic thing ever, beating a hacker =D...and then getting accused of hacking FROM the hacker lol ?:roll:
[Spy approaches hackers dead body:"I am looking at your X-ray, and I'm afraid...YOU SUCK"]

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