Server Issues Multiple Server Crashes after Microsoft update patch KB 4338814 (1 Viewer)

Multiple Server Crashes after Microsoft update Server 2016 patch KB 4338814 I had to role back!

Wasn't seeing any recognizable errors in Event Viewer.

I was suspecting the Data Center as they are doing a lot of work on their systems. I asked them they checked everything on their end was OK :rolleyes:

I also updated the website with a new addons but that would have showed memory crash errors in Event Viewer

KillingFloor 2 had an update that I installed and I run 8 KF2 servers so if there was a memory leak I am sure I would have seen something in the Event Viwer

So it leads me to the 4338814 update

I decided to uninstall/Rollback the 4338814 update. I never had to do a role back before but decided it was necessary.

07/18/2018 UPDATE: Microsoft released update KB4345418 issues caused by previous updates, I reinstalled patch KB 4338814 then update to KB4345418
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