New Ventrilo Host Donations Needed! [smilie=help.gif]

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Today 11:05 PM
Feb 25, 2003
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I just cancelled our current Ventrilo service due to the fact I cannot get a hold of anyone to complain which is shoddy!

The old host is I tried over and over to submit a ticket and looks like they never renewed their support ticket software on their site...

Anyways I am not going to flip for this server alone because I already paid $140 in advance for the other server which will go down Sept. 28th but seeing how it's been it is already down as far as I am concerned!

I do not want to hear why you cannot donate just donate nor don't donate all these bills add up over time and would be nice to see us all get this thing running smoothely...

I normally pay year to year so the totally payment for the entire year will be around $120 or so for a 35 slot server which saves us around $50 bucks for paying a year in advance... So if you have $10 $15 $25 $50 bucks to spare in your bank account please feel free to pass it along...

The more the better as it will help us improve other things as well if we all chip in...

Thank You!
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