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"I recently decided to shut down our No More Room in Hell servers because they literal went from being full all the time to being empty all the time..."

No More Room in Hell 2 is coming out sometime next year....

Here is a copy of the last blog post which I found extremely interesting!

The official blog of the nmrih2 development team

OCTOBER 30, 2017
Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween to one and all, this time of year is very special for all of us here at Lever Games. We’re bringing you this special BONUS blog this month! It’s but once a year we get a holiday to celebrate all things horror! We’re deep into development on No More Room in Hell 2 but we wanted to take a quick moment and show off some new screenshots and never before seen zombies.

So without further fuss let's get right into what we have to show!


Below we have three different zombies rigged and animated to show off. First up is our child zombie, a fan favorite. Next is a zombie we’ve been tentatively calling the ‘Old Man.’ Lastly we have our first female zombie. Keep in mind a lot of this is all work in progress and we have a lot more to show in the near future.



Here’s an extra bonus clip from a previous blog if you’ve missed it!


Night of the Living Dead Screenshots

We’ve done a bit of work on a content and lighting pass on our Night of the Living Dead map and have some fresh new screenshots to show off. This is our most complete map


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Martin Weltchek

Martin Weltchek

Everyone shits!

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