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News From the No More Room in Hell 1.01 Release! No More Room in Hell

As usual we are back to supporting our Zombie themed Moders

Yeah, there were a few bugs in Beta 1.0 I guess, but that is what a 1.01 patch is for! We here at the NMRiH team are happy to bring you Patch 1.01 for No More Room in Hell. We went in to overtime to try and resolve as many major issues (and some minor ones too) that we had been hearing about from all of you guys.

After playing dozens of games of NMRiH with so many of you awesome people and getting your feedback directly while playing with you, we have been able to gather a lot of information to help us tighten up the graphics. From my firsthand experience over the last few days I personally have learned a lot about what you guys like and dislike and what you think needs fixing or changing. Everyone on the team, developers and testers alike, have been playing with all of you and also taking notes. So we rocked out hard and tried to get as much done as quickly as possible so we could deliver it to you!

Keep in mind that this does not fix everything, and there will still be crashes from time to time. We want to keep improving the game to be the best experience it can be. In order to achieve that goal, we want your input on how best to do that! Come join our forums and contribute your thoughts!

Download links provided from No More Room in Hell!
Download Locations:

1.02 Change Log:

  • Objective glow outlines now display properly
  • Zombie pathfinding now uses nav meshes
  • cl_stickyironsight 1 bug fixed (this means you can fire while holding down your is key if ironsight mode is toggled)
  • Introduced new method of zombie spawning (more intellgent and gives more control to mappers)
  • The Sako 85 scope isn't as finicky now
  • Player collision reintroduced in response to accidental FF
  • Developers will now show up with (DEV) next to their name on the scoreboard in order to prevent players from imitating team members.
  • Tweaked stamina drain and regeneration rates
  • Max stamina is tied to player health
  • Shoving now costs more than what would regenerate in the cooldown time
  • Players cannot throw props with the Use key (they'll just drop in place)
  • Fixed some crash issues
  • New graphical effect for Sako 85 Scope
  • Some network optimizations (still ongoing)
  • Fixed player list functionality in main menu
  • Updated firearm sounds
  • Added new child zombie sounds
  • Added new runner zombie sounds
  • Added phalanx usage sound
  • Added maglite sound
  • Fixed bash sounds for pistols
  • Optimized textures and material
  • Added LODs to some zombie models
  • Added new child zombie model
  • Added flare gun ammo model
  • nmo_broadway:
    • Updated spawn area
    • Tweaked ammo and weapon amounts
    • Removed the stair building objective and added a door key objective in its place
    • Optimization
    • Reduced number of gas tanks in fastex truck and made them non solid to players
    • Gun shop padlock workaround fixed
    • Fixed some areas where objective items can be thrown into out of reach places
    • Added color correction
  • nmo_cabin:
    • Updated spawn area
    • Tweaked ammo and weapon amounts
    • Added objective glows to the welder and the accompanying door that it's supposed to be used on
    • Readded planks to the cabin's front door
    • Fixed the boat not appearing in the boathouse
    • Fixed areas where objective items can be thrown into out of reach areas
    • Fixed area_portal error at the cabin's front door
    • Tweaked zombie amount in certain hallways
    • Added color correction
  • nmo_chinatown:
    • Tweaked ammo and weapon amounts
    • Slightly changed the path to the ladder button objective
*As a temporary fix for if you start lagging in open areas, try changing the following console settings:

rate 60000
cl_cmdrate 30
cl_updaterate 30

Also we are aware of some issues with melee weapons and various other things. Thus we are still in beta and we ask for your patience

CozWorld server list:


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