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No More Room In Hell


No More Room in Hell is a total conversion of Valve's highly anticipated first person shooter, Half-Life 2, the upcoming sequel to one of the most successful and decorated PC games ever created.

Furthermore, Half-Life went on to win over 50 game of the year awards, completely annihilating the competition. Valve has started a franchise so many have come to love, and it was apparent which engine we were to choose for No More Room in Hell. ? ?
?This is the first survival/horror FPS of its kind. A realistic feel combined with a horrifying experience will be brought to the genre which has been undeniably conquered by the Resident Evil series for so long. This mod will require an unprecedented amount of teamwork and an emphasis on cooperation among you and your teammates to survive. We are hoping to immerse you in a new approach to the Co-Op style with the help of Valve's Source? technology. ?

The mod will pit you and your friends against an unending horde of zombies bent on your destruction and boasts advanced technological features such as: Fully dismemberable bodies with ragdoll physics, an injury based damage system, the ability to barricade windows and doors with map debris or wood boards, highly dynamic environments, and zombie behaviour through a selective spawning system.

"No More Room in Hell" will have 3 core gameplay modes, with these modes being Extermination, Escape, & Barricade.

The survivors (players) must hunt and eliminate all the zombies infesting the area, incinerating the corpses in a bonfire. There will be two modes of play. The first involves players competing in two teams to see which side can kill, collect, and burn the largest number of zombies. With players using several different means of getting the corpses to the bonfire, such as dragging by hand or using vehicles (i.e. pick-up truck). The second mode involves co-operative teamwork, as the players all work together to destroy every zombie plaguing the area and burn their corpses to remove all traces of the deadly infection. Of course the zombies are more than capable of coming after the players to dine on their flesh... So ask yourself. Are you the hunter or the hunted?

The survivors (players) have found themselves hounded wherever they go and are now on the run. As the horde of zombies close in on them they desperately seek to escape to safety. Players can either start in the same location or in different locations, depending on the map. Along the way players will need to complete objectives in order to proceed. Reagrdless the survivors will need to team up and move fast to stay one step ahead of the zombies.

The survivors (players) find themselves in dire straights as they are pitted against a seemingly endless horde of zombies. A survivor's worst nightmare, they must barricade and defend a location for set duration. When this time has elapsed the survivors will either have succeeded in their goal (win) or be required to complete secondary objectives and/or reach an escape location on the map (i.e. a helicopter evacuation zone). This gameplay mode is not for the lone-wolf player, as it will require a strong co-operative team effort if the players ever hope for any chance of survival.


Co-Op Gameplay - Teamwork is the key to survival against the zombies, and to this end players will be able to do everything from sharing weapons, ammo, and equipment with other survivors to working together to help barricade a building and fight off zombies.

New Models - A sweeping series of changes have been made to give the mod the look and feel of modern survival horror game. Players will be given access to all new weapons (melee/firearm/explosive), new equipment, new vehicles, and even new character and object models.

Barricading - Lock those doors and bolts the windows. Not enough? Don't worry players will be able to board-up windows and doors to keep the zombies out. But the question is? for how long?

Zombies - Far from just the classic "Shuffler" zombies that slowly stumble towards survivors, there will also be the fast-moving "Runner" zombies as popularized in the movie, "Dawn of the Dead" 2004. The fresher the infected corpse, the faster the zombie will still be able to move, but as the infection spreads so too does the rot and decay that turns the zombies into a shuffling and clawing hoard.

Zombie AI - Far from the simple Headcrab zombies of Half-Life 2 fame, the zombies in "No More Room in Hell" will possess a different set of hunting skills to bring them closer to their horror movie brethren. Zombies will hunt by hearing, sight, and smell. Zombies may have poorer eyesight than they did in life, but a player who makes noise will draw a zombie's attention and with their keen sense of smell, although working only at a short range, they can detect a player hiding nervously inside a closet or from behind a barricade.

Dismemberment - Players can dismember a zombie's body, taking it apart limb by limb. Remove a leg or two and they will collapse, but be careful though, as they will still come crawling after you?

NPC Survivors - At times players might encounter NPCs (computer-controlled, "Non-Playing Characters" or simply "bots"). Whether acting as additional support for maps where minimum players requirements have not been met or as helpless civilians seeking rescue during the chaos of the zombie apocalypse. Some NPCs survivors will arm themselves, or already be armed, with weapons while others will only cower in fear? following closely behind you in hopes of finding salvation. NPCs will follow player commands? with the exception of the military. NPC soldiers have their own agendas that can sometimes even work at cross-purposes to player survival.

Infection - Every zombie is infected and they carry that infection within them. The infection is passed to a survivor through a zombie's bite. A single bite is a death sentence as there is no cure? only time before the player dies and joins the ranks of the living dead. The healthier a player is, the longer they will resist the infection. As death nears a player will hear and see the symptoms marking their immanent demise.

Minimal HUD - In order to immerse players into the action many of the gauges and counters that normally clutter Half-Life 2's FPS view will be removed. Instead players will need to rely on innate skills, actions, and visual/audio cues to realize their situation. This extends to health aspects, such as: drowning, injury, infection, fatigue, and hypothermia.

Classic Movie Mode - Feeling a bit nostalgic for zombie movie classics like, "Night of the Living Dead"? Not anymore. You will have the option to activate a movie filter mode. This mode will transform your screen into a black and white motion picture straight from a 1960's horror flick. Once selected from the menu options, even the menu will change to reflect the classic horror theme and a 1960's style of orchestral music will play in the background.

Darkness & Light - Players will carry hand-held flashlights in addition to any weapon they might choose to hold, but should that weapon require two hands to hold, it will require the player to sacrifice using their flashlight (unless the weapon generates its own light) and dark areas become that much more menacing. Of course other players could help light the way with their flashlights? Did I mention the gameplay was co-op?

Iron-sights - The players are survivors, not trained marksmen or combat specialists, and as such their aims are natural and unskilled. When you fire it is down the length of the barrel of your gun. Also, the less time taken to brace for your shot, the sloppier your aim will be over longer distances.

Locations - Whether exotic, countryside, urban, or just down the block, players will find themselves in a wide variety of locations from around the world as they fight, or flee, from the living dead.


What is "No More Room in Hell"?
So... what's the reason behind the zombie apocalypse? Is it a virus? Is it strange radiation from a fallen satellite? Or something else?
How is that possible? How can no one know?
Can I become a zombie?
Wait, so there are no plans for team death matches?
Will the zombies walk or run?
Why are there so many melee weapons?
Why aren't there AK-47's and Rocket Launchers?
What?!? Why would soldiers want to kill me?
Why won't there be a crosshair for aiming?
For that matter, where is the rest of the HUD?
But how will I know when I'm drowning if I don't have an Oxygen gauge or Health counter showing me all of this?
How many players will be supported?
How many AI zombies will be supported?
When do you guys expect a release?

What is "No More Room in Hell"?
"No More Room in Hell" is a Survival Horror Multiplayer Co-Op Modification for Half-Life 2 based on such classic zombie horror movies as Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead. What has happened is human civilization has crumbled and zombies now walk the Earth. The player, as one of the few living survivors, has to be smarter, faster, and above all else, avoid becoming one of the infected. Before you know it you will be killing zombies day and night, and loving it, that we can guarantee.

So... what's the reason behind the zombie apocalypse? Is it a virus?
Is it strange radiation from a fallen satellite? Or something else?
So you're asking why did one bright and sunny morning the recently dead suddenly get up and start feasting on human flesh? Or why their bite infects people and eventually turns them into zombies? Sorry. No one knows.

How is that possible? How can no one know?
It just happened and there's no one around who knows the answers as to how or why. Maybe there's a reason out there, but everyone is too busy right now trying to stay alive rather than figure out the mystery. And that's exactly what you will be doing too.

Can I become a zombie?
Yes, but probably not in the way you are imagining. Whenever a player (survivor) is bitten by a zombie they become infected. Once the infection runs its course the player dies and becomes a zombie. At this time we have no plans to have player-controlled zombies (they will all be AI controlled).

Wait, so there are no plans for team death matches?
At this time we are considering a later release which might involve team co-op. The reason is that we feel player-controlled zombies would never truly act like real zombies... they would be smarter. As such, we are at this time considering instead a gameplay mode where players are split into 2 teams of survivors. These Co-Op teams would then attempt to complete a map objective while at the same time dealing with AI controlled zombies and the other team. While the goal of this mode would not be 'death match', players will still have the option to attack other players. So you have to ask yourself, what kind of survivor will you be?

Will the zombies walk or run?
Both! The slow, walking zombies popularized in movies like Night of the Living Dead and the faster, running zombies seen in movies like Dawn of the Dead 2004. While both will require the same amount of damage to be destroyed, the 'Runner' zombies will have the advatange of being faster (as fast as the player). Currently we plan to have zombie types and numbers defined by the map and number of players on the map.

Why are there so many melee weapons?
The reason has to do with the one of the mod's core principles, which is that the weaponry reflects just about anything the average civilian can get his hands on in a crisis. Imagine, if you will, that one day you woke up at home to find zombies overrunning your city or town. Not everyone has a firearm in their home, so you would grab the next best thing to defend yourself. In this case it would usually be something from a wide assortment of tools and sports equipment you might have lying around. We want players to be able to enter an environment, like a kitchen, and find melee weapons they would commonly associate with such a location.

Why aren't there AK-47's and Rocket Launchers?
Simple, we want to keep the main focus of the mod on survival horror rather than blowing away swarms of zombies. We chose to use civilian weaponry over military because of the simple fact that military weapons are in reality far harder to come by. Very few military weapons will make an appearance in the mod and what small selection of military hardware is in the mod will be in the hands of the military who have their own way of dealing with the zombies... and you.

What?!? Why would soldiers want to kill me?
Well that answer is simple. When the zombie apocalypse takes place there is absolute chaos. Rioting, fires, murders... well, zombies eating people. Anyway, once the military learns it's an infection they assume it is a highly contagious virus, so they call in the CDC and try to contain its spread. That doesn't work. By this point, with so many dead, dying, or infected, the chain-of-command has been severed. Those soldiers who are still alive are doing their best to deal with the situation, but you can imagine how that must be like. The military doesn't know who is infected and who isn't, so a lot of soldiers have taken it upon themselves to shoot first and check later, rather then risk "exposure". You can always approach soldiers for help, but be careful should they warn you to "Stay back!". Because they likely mean it.

Why won't there be a crosshair for aiming?
Well that would have to do with the fact that the player is an average civilian with no combat training or expertise with firearms. As such the player isn't skillful at aiming or firing a weapon. This will show itself in other aspects of the gameplay as firing long distances will require the player to steady his aim or else risk firing wild. You can shoot without steadying your shot, but the further the target the more likely it will miss its mark.

For that matter, where is the rest of the HUD?
For those who don't already know the HUD, or Heads Up Display, refers to the information shown on your screen during the game. In this case for the sake of immersion most of the HUD will be hidden. We decided that in order for players to really experience the horror and make it as real as possible we had to remove these counters and gauges. It's all still there, but now the player relies on visual and audio cues in-game to tell them everything from their Health to if they're about to drown.

But how will I know when I'm drowning if I don't have an Oxygen gauge or Health counter showing me all of this?
Well in the case of drowning it would work something like this. The moment you dive underwater a small trail of bubbles will start drifting up past the screen. As time passes there will be fewer and fewer bubbles, until there are no more. That means you've just run out of oxygen. Then the screen will start darkening, first at the edges, until it's completely dark and then... well... I think you get the idea. Other visual and audio cues will be used on different HUD aspects, such as health, fatigue (stamina), hypothermia, and infection.

How many players will be supported?
About 6-10 players. You may, however, choose to have a smaller team as these are simply the maximum. As this is a Co-Op modification you will be fighting AI opponents. Complex AI can add to the stress on a server, hence the lower player limits.

How many zombies will be supported?
At this time we are not certain. Play-testing will help determine the totals, but we are doing everything we can to reduce lag and allow for as many AI controlled (NPC) zombies as possible to give that feeling you get when facing off against the hordes of the living dead...

When do you guys expect a release?
When it's done. To throw a date on the table, Spring 2006, but it's highly subject to change.

If you have any questions for the team, post them here on the forums.
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