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Well they have always looked extremely polished and well dressed as they do have a extreme policy on how they look, dress and behave in public but I bet their people might have a conflict of an opinion if they are forced to behave and look as they do. From history anytime a leader or country forces their people into submission sooner or later there will be a revolt but seeing how Fidel Castro has lead his people for decades I highly doubt the North Koreans would ever try to overthrow their country even though they could all gang together united with their troops they are probably used to living and looking like human mechanical dolls!

I for one would prefer we leave them alone just for the reason they seem to be doing ok and only if they actually try to cause unforeseen harm to South Korea should anyone even care unless they do attack without warning or reason then by all means someone should bring forth God's Justice otherwise leave them alone they seem like they really enjoy their leader... :p

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