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Local time
Tomorrow 12:15 AM
Dec 31, 1969
Jacksonville, Florida
You want funny? YOU WANT FUNNY? Alright, then!

Russell Peters. Does off-color jokes, but rags on EVERYONE.
Somebody gonna get hurt real bad...

Steven Wright. A little wierd, but still funny.
I'm never eating pancakes again...

Bill Cosby...Proving that you don't need to swear to be funny.
What is your name, boy?!

Walter for President!
S**t happens...

George Carlin. I'll only post one on him, cause he's pretty damned raunchy...ok, he's damn offensive, but people like him still.
He wants to help? Put him to work! NOTE: if this is too bad or offensive, let me know an I'll edit it out, OK?

Anyway, hope it's funny enough for ya, enjoy the laughs.
Your turn, Ein!

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