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Feb 25, 2003
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Last year was odd times at my place. Plates were vibrating in my cupboard, automatic soap dispenser was going off all the time, ceiling fixture in my bedroom became unscrewed twice second time it fell it broke my Alienware laptop lid...

I had three witnesses for the vibrating plates and the soap dispenser... Which always followed one after the other. First plates would rattle then later at night the soap dispenser would go off... I have put my head against the wall when the plates where vibrating and didn't hear any humming or anything that would lead me to suspect there was some type of external or internal device causing this phenomenon! The soap dispenser was cleaned and batteries were replaced and it would still go off at night not during the day but finally removed it was way to creepy...

Now the ceiling fixture was really bad. First time it fell it barely missed my feet. I made sure the bolt was tight as can be there was no way it could have come loose. The second time it fell I was working on my laptop just had turned away to look at my computer and Hurd a crack sure enough it was my laptop... The bolt was about 1/8th of an inch up on the thread and it was tight against the glass! This fixture was on the lamp for a least a year since I been living where I am!

As it is today about a year later the plates haven't rattled or vibrated since I switched the big plates with the little plates! I haven't put the glass fixture back up above my bed! I just bought a new automatic soap dispenser a year later!
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