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Dec 31, 1969
Carlsbad, New Mexico
yes, i am sorry that i did swear but i did not swear to the point that you needed to perma-ban me, here read this, i read this post and it fitts what has happened to me:

Ok Im tired of this, THIS Is how we Ban people 1 hour no more no less on everything but Racism this is a Permanet life time ban. If I see any other bans thats messed up like littletimmy was banned for 30mins 5mins or even permantly (for something like swearing) I swear to gods of the internet I'm gonna jump down your throat and make sure you know how to ban someone properly. Cause its me or others with amxbans access that have to go in and fix said bans. So if you kindly would make sure you ban correctly there will be no problems, or need for me to knock you on the head some.

p.s. This is hostile cause, I'm tired of it and I'm sure cozmic and the others are awell
Dec 31, 1969
One. I banned you for 60 minutes, not permanently.

Two. You were swearing multiple times on the mic and referencing drugs, both are against the rules.

Them's the breaks, you don't like it, you can find somewhere else to spend your time.
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