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I just searched MCBans Is your name Taininfernus for MC?? I just found this http://mcbans.com/player/Taininfernus

It said your using dual accounts ""permabanned: Alternate Account Of _solo"" So possibly someone you know was using the same IP address??

This is not good as I just donated $50 to them for the year for added features and your banned from their official servers so you might want to get a hold of them in regards and clear this matter up as more and more servers are using MCBans to protect their servers!
Well I did attempt to Vouch for you but not looking good!

Maybe if they new you were an early one of the vary few back in 2009 or earlier thought it was like 2006 but guess I am getting old now...

I remember you and Einhander bugging the shit our of me to play it and I thought it was a horrible looking game to play... Now I am totally addicted to it!

I guess it wouldn't help to show them the pictures from our 2011 visit to E3 to meet Markus "Notch" Persson for the first time and how we went everyday and hung out at the Minecraft area... We got autographs had a one on one talk with Notch on opening day before the mobs hit!

Taininfernus (Alex) is the guy in blue all the way to the right of Markus "Notch" Perssonfacebook_photo_download_10150201904556749.jpg
I am the PHAT guy with the Green Minecraft shirt standing to Notch's left!

Here is Alex in the middle of the Mojang Stock Exchange one hour later! :p

Anyways I told the MCBans guys your no where near a Griefer or hacker as I have known you since 2003 and never once thought you had any interest in doing anything evil! Your one of my top trusted admins for all of our servers and you always upheld the piece on all 21 plus of our servers!
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This issue was resolved through litigation from the MCBans Team at mcbans.com and was do in part to Taininfernus Minecraft account being taken over by someone named _Solo or someone someone who was thought to be _Solo...

Anyways Taininfernus is now able to play on Any MCBans server and has since made his Minecraft password secure by mixing it up with numbers-letters and symbols...

Thank you Alex aka
Taininfernus for taking the time to clear this up as I think it is important we resolve issues rather then leaving them as they are or were because we were to lazy to comply... As it is CozWorld supports nothing but good gaming behavior and not the opposite!


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