problem with steam


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ok me an a few others are having problems with steam as in when we refresh all server games an we try to connect it sits there idling to connect to server. an
someone else is having a problem to connect to steam in general saying connection not working. and i forgot who it was but if you pm me on here ill help you or talk to me on vent i know probly what is wrong with your steam if you cannot connect


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Dec 31, 2004
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i have that problem... and im getting desperate so how did you fix it i already ran a virus scan checked the fire wall and looked for what ever program that was steam doesn't like i don't have it so im thinking if i just store my apps and re-download steam it will fix it if you think of a better way tell me


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There are a few things you can do to narrow down what you problem might be. (In order of what I would do first-last)

1) If you haven't tried restarting Steam, I suggest you do so.. might be an update you need in order to connect

2) Disable your firewall to see if that could be blocking Steam from operating correctly

3) While steam is off go into your steam folder and delete the .blob file and then restart steam.

4) While steam if off delete everything in your steam folder besides the subfolders and "steam.exe". Next time you startup steam it will re-download any of the files

5) If you have a router, remove it from the equation to see if your router may be blocking access to your game. If it is, reconnect it and forward your ports ( If you need help with this let me know, because it can become very complicated to do if you have a complicated network.

6) Steam requires you have Internet Explorer 5 and up, so If you recently did something to IE like change your internet security "zone" then try changing back to the defaults

If none of the above work, you will have to reinstall steam and re-download all of your games.

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