Pure Pwnage

Is this show good? Rate 1-10, 1 sux hardcore, 10 being one of the best ever.

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Today 2:43 PM
Dec 31, 1969
Here recently I've been watching a youtube series called Pure Pwnage. It's about Jeremy, his brother kyle who is the one filming, and their friend Doug (aka FPS Doug) who is the one who started the boom headshot saying, here is a short of that if you don't know.
(and no jeremy didn't quit the show in that ep, kyle just got pissed at him)

The show is just about them playing video games. Here are my favorite two scenes from the shows.

This one is where they are talking about the jobs that Jeremy couldn't keep, the first one is game testing.
This is just hilarious, they are playing Mario Kart: Double Dash, get overly excited, and Jeremy's gf walks in.

Ok here is the first episode if you guys are interested. It starts out slow but after a few episodes in it's realy hilarious.

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