PVKII server News and information!

Sorry about the language spamming in the console I had loaded ManiMod back on the PVKII server and by some insane thing I add the ManiMod twice which resulted in a major console spamming saying I needed to upgrade the language file to the latest version which wasn't the issue...

Anyways it's fixed and now for other news!

I have loaded Helms Deep onto the PVKII server which is set to only allow Vikings and Knights and so because the server is set to only allow 15 max slots that means 5 players won't be able to play but the good news is I think I found a fix for it and I will see what I can do and if it works I will share the fix here for other server owners!

Another thing is stop asking why we load BOTS on the sever it's retarded to keep asking me that it's obvious the bots are there to make the server look like it's busy why else would they call them fake bots??

Also we host every user map as to get those maps circulated so please stop asking why and know that when the final version of PVKII is released all the servers won't be filling up!

Most of the people that play on our servers are in the clan or are friends of clan members or I know them or they know me stop bitching about the dam server BOTS please!

Now for any mappers for PVKII please keep me or the clan posted on any new map updates if I miss them or make a mailing lists and add all the servers owners to it so you can mass email us when you make a new Beta or release!

Thank you!



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Dec 31, 1969
Sacramento, California
OK ! Heres the truth... I have lost all interest in this game because people who were playing it were hording treasure chest in spot where we could not get to it at all !! It pissed me off! Not to mention the bow loaded WAY TOO SLOW for me! ?Sorry but being truthful is what i believe in most!! :evil:
All the weapons that players can use for PVKII 1.1 for each Team are just the taste from each player class.

The Cross bow is part of the Archer Class and there will be bows, crossbows and and other throwing items for that class.

As far as people hording treasure chest and tossing them off maps I would have given you admin on the server had I known you or G-WAR played it...

Plus we will be needing admins on that server soon because the next update is about to be released...


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Dec 31, 1969
Californina U.S.A.
:lol: ?Well i havnt entirely given up on this mod and Ill talk to She about this , i"m sure She'll give it another chance! And I cant wait to see the update on this! Btw I love the POWER of Vikings and the guns of the Pirate, after all i consider myself A PIRATE HEHE ARGH!
Well once they release PVKII 2.0 it will get lots of love and our server will be full once again!

I think they should add female player models to the mod but no big deal...

The lead modeler probably has plenty of fun with the base models as they are... ?I bet he reads this and says yeah you are absolutely correct! :p

Anyways our friend SniperX from BrainBread Source says he is gonna be helping release Forsaken Mod for HL2 which we will be hosting might take down the Obsidian Conflict server for a while...


SniperX is lead programmer for a lot of thingys maybe he might read this and post something too!

haha I know all those guys read through our forums! :lol:


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Dec 31, 1969
Atlanta GA
lol marth, you said that to me earlier today. What an old topic! But resurrection time, because the new patch is coming out soon. Cant wait!

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