Quentin Tarantino FREAKS OUT on Interviewer "I'm Shutting Your But Down!"


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Feb 25, 2003
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I love Quentin Tarantino! He is a real person most people do not recognize he is not an actor in public! He doesn't try to pretend he is anyone other then Quentin Tarantino which to me he deserves gratitude!

So many people in Hollywood probably admire his genuineness! If I were a Hollywood celebrity I would probably have to hide because it would be to much for me to put on a show as I like to be who I am all the time and not put on an act like I was superman and had to put a show on to show the world this is how a non person behaves...

Also too the interviewer should have had some better questions in regards! I would not have asked Quentin Tarantino why he likes violence I would have asked something like did the entire cast get covered with all that corn syrup and did any get on the cameras? Do you own any stock in Corn Syrup and is this the year to invest in it or are you taking a holiday from film making??

Another amazing one and I would have lost my mind too!

Seriously this one was not Quentin Tarantino fault these morons caught him at a really bad time! Seriously why the fuck people feel they have the right to invade someones private times is beyond me! I would have never done this and those guys should have gotten punched in the face and had the camera shoved up their ass's!!

Let the guy enjoy his coffee first then ask if it's OK for gods sake's!

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