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Dec 31, 1969
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Well, I'm actually a film production student, but not currently apart of any 'indy film' groups (just a student with 3 films made in college). ?However, I saw the potential of Garrys Mod 10 and film making, but heard you may need programs to assist in making. ?I've heard Source Recorder, Virtual Dub, ZD Soft Game Recorder, and (of course) the need of Counter Strike:Source. ?Just wondering, if anyone has any experience makin these films, and what seems to be the best tutorial or guide or program to make films with garrys mod?

I'll probably be buying CS/GMod combo from Steam this weekend.


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Today 9:25 PM
Dec 31, 1969
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There things such as fraps, and GameRecorder. But there both ment for 'easy' recording, and the quality it usually very bad.
But Source recorder is the far best, there's a few tutorials on the Garry's Mod forums, and the most you'll ever need is VirtualDub (or some video encoding software).
And also maybe a video editing app. ... p?t=148196 (Tutorial - There's also links to other tutorial in that thread)

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