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HL2 Administration Request Application!

This is the open Admin Application area for specific servers we host!

These are the Open Admin Servers we are hiring for!

  • World War I Source
  • Exterminatus
Do not apply for servers or mods that are not on the server list.

You must have all information in your profile needed for admin if we accept you

  • Steam_ID
  • Xfire or other instant messenger
  • Birthdate
  • Location
  • Avatar
  • Personal Picture



If we catch you Admining on our server without being logged into TEAM SPEAK III your admin will be revoked!
You must check the forums once or twice a day as well as check the Source bans page for new bans and requests and ban protests!

When you start out as admin you will only get access to change map, kick and ban...

If you do not wish to join our clan and we accept you to admin our server you will have to wear a special admin tag like [CWA] when you are on as Admin Example: CoZmicShReddeR[CWA]
CWA Stands for CozWorld Admin...

Remember you will only be an admin on the server you applied for and you may not ask to be admin anywhere else unless I appoint you to that selected server later on.


Ok so you think you got what it takes to be an ADMIN on our server???

What we are looking for!

  • You must be 16+ (And be able to prove it!)
  • You are a good and honest person! - (This is only redeemed over our voice chat!)
Make your own post for request!
Please stay out of other peoples request posts!
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All New Admins can only request admin on Specific Servers!

All clan members who are accepted will get dual admin between the same mod on specific servers!

All senior clan members will be given global admin on all servers if they should request it!
Admin Commands:
Basic Commands
sm_admin: Displays the admin menu.
sm_ban <#userid|name> [reason] : Bans a client.
sm_help: Lists all admin commands. Output is paginated and a page number can be specified. Alternately, a search term can be specified to search for a specific command.
sm_kick <#userid|name> [reason] : Kicks a player.
sm_who: Lists all users and their access rights, or a specific user's access rights.

Extended Commands
sm_beacon Adds a ring around each target, making them easily visible.
sm_burn [time] Sets the target(s) on fire for the specified amount of time. sm_chat Sends a say-chat message to all admins.
sm_csay Sends a centered message to all players.
sm_gag Prevents the target(s) from using messagemode/say chat.
sm_hsay Sends a message to all players via a center-bottom hint box.
sm_msay Sends a message as a menu panel (only meaningful on games that support radio menus).
sm_mute Prevents the target(s) from using voice chat.
sm_psay Sends a private chat message to a single target.
sm_say Sends a say-chat message to all players.
sm_silence Performs both a gag and mute on the target(s).
sm_slap [damage] "Slaps" a player, emitting a noise and throwing them in a random direction. If specified, the damage amount will be subtracted from each target's health.
sm_slay Kills a player.
sm_tsay [color] Sends a top-left message to all players. If no color is specified, the text will be white. Colors available are: white, red, green, blue, yellow, purple, cyan, orange, pink, olive, lime, violet, lightblue. The names are not case sensitive.
sm_ungag Allows the target(s) to use messagemode/say chat again.
sm_unmute Allows the target(s) to use voice chat again.
sm_unsilence Perfoms both an ungag and unmute on the target(s).

Vote Commands
sm_vote [answer1] [answer2] [answer3] ... Starts an arbitrary vote with the given arguments as answers.
sm_votealltalk Starts a vote to change the value of sv_alltalk.
sm_voteban [reason] Starts a vote to ban a single player for thirty minutes.
sm_voteburn Starts a vote to burn a single player.
sm_voteff Starts a vote to change the value of mp_friendlyfire.
sm_votegravity [amount2] [amount3] ... Initiates a vote to change the value of sv_gravity.
sm_votekick [reason] Starts a vote to kick a single player.
sm_votemap [map2] [map3] ... Starts a vote to change the map.
sm_voteslay Starts a vote to slay a single player.

Admin Immunity:
Votekick Immunity
Voteban Immunity
Voteslay Immunity
Ping Immunity
Reserve Slot Immunity

What Reserve Slot Gets!

A Reserved Slot to always be able to join the server even when it is full!

HG Supporter Custom Skin Models

Reserved Slot - Allows you to join the server when it's full.

* Press the "~" key to open console
* To connect to a server that is full you need to type the following into the console:
* connect iport
* Example: connect

We reserve the right to revoke your reserved slot and/or admin without refund, warning, or liability.
No Refunds.
Admins caught cheating/hacking/abusing are not refunded & in some cases they are banned from hellsgamers permanently.

- - - - Admin Guide - - - -

1. Admin Speak.

<*> For the whole server to read press your type button (normally "t") and press
shift 2 (@), space, then whatever you want to say.
Ex: @ blah blah = blah blah

# To talk amongst admins, press your teamspeak key (normally "u"), and do
exactly what you did above. Only other admins will be able to read this, and it
will show up red in the top left corner.

# To send a private message to a player on the server, type "@@" part of players
name blah blah blah. Make sure the player's name is in quotes. Also you do not
need to type the player's whole name

Ex: Name: Go Getter
@@ "Go" blah blah
If you find it easier to type the whole name just make sure that that is the
only player that gets it, simply copy paste his name from the console.
# To send a message that appears in the middle of the screen type @@@
Ex: @@@ blah blah = blah blah (in the middle of the screen)

2. Slaying.

Slaying is a part of the game (for admins), but it is how you use it that
classifies it as a necessary action or abuse.

# Campers.

For example, in the office server there is a rule that is stated in the MOTD,
that there is no spawn camping after 2 mins. CT?s tend to have the biggest
problem with this rule. Now, if you find a CT camper, do not slay him right
away. Give him a warning or two, and if he does not comply, then slay. Same goes
with the team. If there is more than one camping, warn the whole team, and if
they continue to camp, slay them accordingly.
If there is 1:10 left and a CT guy is moving out of front yard into the front
office, do not slay him. That is what they do in Noob Refuge, and we have no
tolerance for admins who behave like that. If he is moving leave him be and let
him do his thing.
If you see a HT | member camping, do not be afraid to slay him. Even if they
are in the Server's clan, it does not mean they are immune from the server's


If you see a guy with a score of 3-20 most times he is AFK. Now if you run into
an AFK what you should do is this.
1 Slay the AFK
2 Kick the AFK
Make sure to do this toward the end of the round, so that everyone can see.
Slaying an AFK tends to make the others on the server very happy, and keeps them
coming back. Please, please, make sure he is AFK, don't just slay him because he
has a bad score, and you think he is AFK.

# Team Flashers

If you see a team flasher and give him a warning, if he keeps doing it? slay
him, and if that doesn't work, kick him.

# Mic Spammers

Under no circumstance is a slay or a kick necessary here. All you have to do is
mute him. Muting disables his mic and type.

# Sprays

There is no direct rule on sprays anybody can spray whatever they want. But if
it starts offending people, i.e. Nazi flags, Gay porn spray, then find who is
doing it and warn them not to put it up again. If he does not listen, slay him.
We have to keep this server running smoothly, and we want the public to enjoy
their time on our servers.

3. Kicking.

# Kicking is used as a form of a warning. Make sure to give a TYPED warning first. If you kick someone for no just reason, you might be in some trouble. Kicking/ slaying people for no reason is admin abuse. If you are caught abusing your admin privileges your admin will be taken away with no refund and you will be banned from the server.

4. Hackers.

# If you see a hacker a definite hacker, ban him immediately, and report him
to; be sure to have their in-game name and steam IDand PROOF! Hackers will not be
tolerated at all. There is no special treatment for anyone; HT | members have
been kicked and banned because of a cheating violation.

# Most of the time people do not know what they are talking about. Just because
some has killed them 5 times and their score is 30-10 does not classify them as
a hacker. Admins need to make their own decision about hackers not the public.
If you have any questions, PM Homer or myself for some tips on telling if
someone is hacking.

5. Giving Money.

# Admins have the option to give people money. Be careful to not give money out
to frequently because some people like the whole betting system (that?s one of
the main things that caught my interest when I stumbled into the Office Server).

6. Finding Steam ID's and Ranks of players.

# While in game pull up your console (~). Then type ?status? and press enter. A complete list will pop up showing everyone who is on the server, along with
their Steam ID and The Player ID Number. The Player ID Number is the 3-4 digit
number to the left of their name. You can check anybody's rank that's in the game.

Here's what you do: take their rank number and press your talk key. Then type "rank".
Ex: rank 1423
That guy's rank will pop up and you can see everything, kpd, rank, kills, deaths, etc.
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