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Today 3:59 PM
Dec 31, 1969
Seattle, Washington
A while ago we were on Vent posting a few funny videos that we were finding on the internet, then I got on my StumbleUpon account and looked up my old bookmarks for funny videos and just started spamming a mother-load of funny videos. I'm not going to do that here, but I will pick out the ones I thought to be the funniest.

Oh and make sure to comment so that this post doesn't go to the very bottom like my last one did

Sprite Advert

High Firefighter

Random Ice Hockey

Rat Monster

SWAT Team Fails

Cat Jumps Over Fence

Bush vs. Zombies

Snickers Speed Walk

Swear Jar

Ms. South Carolina

Chuck Storm

Don't Judge Too Quickly

Pimp vs. Karate

Anti Piracy Ad

Fear Of Pickles

Knock and don't run

I would keep going on and on, but I'll spare you dial-up users.

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