Scenario Respawning


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Apr 7, 2010
Shepherdsville, Kentucky - United States
Playing ZM, can be quite a chore having to keep up with your entire undead army and traps to kill those damn survivors, however one thing always nagging me is getting spammed by players demanding instant respawns, this can be a common annoyance on an every day basis.

To spice it up a bit, I decided to give the survivors these fictional secondary objectives to getting teammates respawned. These objectives can either be easy or deadly (furthering crippling the team)

Such as one this one map, with a bomb rigged to a car, I put in an secondary-objective (SO) where there was a "survivor" trapped in the car, and running up to the car would respawn a random teammate. After some debate, one of the humans finally got bold enough and ran up, dying instantly as I pulled the trap but fair enough I respawned a teammate.

On Blue Velvet, with the entire team wiped out except for one lone guy, I gave him the choice to run back up to the surface to the phone and "call for help" that would respawn half the team which would cause the the primary objective to get overrun and not to mention the risk of getting killed getting back up there!

Little fun things I've thought of that could really make the game more fun haha, too bad there isn't a teleport respawn so I could plant them right at that phone, for example. Think of the closets in L4D, but a more dynamic form. :-D

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