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Today 3:04 PM
Aug 21, 2004
British Columbia
From playing yesterday for a bit, I found a few issues.

The map "sc_tomb", the .res file needs to be fixed. It's missing a wad file for download.

The "rock the vote" seems to mess up the next map and sometimes the rotation, at least temporarily. I voted to a different map from "sc_tomb" and then after that map finished, it went right back to "sc_tomb" again. The next map also seems to then display the next map as the map you are already playing.

Also, I went to vote the one time for the next map at the end of the current map and a "crazy vote" came up over top of it and I couldn't vote.

The map "tut", lasts all of 30 seconds for one person. It's just a small hallway with a few enemies.
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