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Rules All Players Must Follow In Game

General Rules
  • Don't be a ass hat!
  • Hacking is not permitted, and results in perma-ban.
  • 1 mic spam at a time. Bad quality = mute, No long repetitive sounds or stories.
  • No back to back spams. Let others have a turn! If you give them a few seconds and no one plays, go ahead and play another!
  • No continuous voice chat. As in going on and on and on about something.
  • No guns allowed in boxing area
  • No over spamming your text. Example: Pasting an item your selling over and over in chat.
  • Boxing Room is melee only! Nothing else, no alts, heals, cloaks, etc! Weapon vs weapons!
  • No underage sprays / extremely graphic ones either
  • Respect the Admins.
  • Racism will not be tolerated!
Failure to follow the rules could result in a ban.

Map Rules

Main Area
  • No Spawn Camping
Idle Room
  • There are no rules
Admin Rules
  • Ensure everyone has a good time
  • Do not abuse commands
  • Do not use admin powers to gain advantage over other players. [God mode as an example]
  • If unsure of a decision let the players speak! Use a custom vote!
  • Have Respect towards all players.
  • No foul language (aside from basic swear words, use wisely)
  • No advertising other steam groups in our server. There is a reason we have our own!
  • Please use / instead of ! for admin commands!
  • Admin commands are for admins only!
  • No fighting with other admins in game!
Failure to follow the rules will result in loss in loss of admin powers.


Not open for further replies.

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