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Steam launched a new connect system for websites much like Facebook where website owners can add a way to simplify your website account information in regards to creating a website account and joining specific groups on websites as well as showing Achievements and other awesome stuff...The actual login information isn't saved through our website it actual connects you through your Steam account and from Steam links your account from the website to your Steam account and not the other way around.This is something Steam says is 100% safe so anyone that wants to test it out please do as we will be using this for everything related to CozWorld Steam group and your Community information as well as your C7 Clan information!
  • If you already have a website account it will ask you if you would like to Link them together... As I said it's not through the website it's through Steam then links back only basic information like whatever you made available for the public eye to see via Steam.
  • The actual placement of the Steam Login button is temporary as it goes it will eventually be completely intro-grated into the website as it is right now it's just added as is from Steam itself.
I will be removing all the other steam account information from the website so we no longer will have to ask people to include their Steam_ID's it will be granted with your dual login. Also it will make adding you to certain groups a lot easier as far as admins, reserved slots and such..If for any reason you would like to unlink your Steam account visit this link in your profile..


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