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For those that haven't heard the Sven Co-op team released version 4.6 on December 24, 2011...

I had a bunch of people who for whatever reason didn't notice we are no longer using the for our server name which we switched about 4 years ago to for the server names for everything we host!

I haven't posted anything in regards because I only played a few maps threw but as it is all the issues we had before are completely gone do to some major code work by the team... I really love the new Kingpin boss and how they made it sound!

For now we are only hosting the Default maps [S1]US-EAST|XP-Shared 4.6 UPDATED

Official Sven Co-op Links

Release post is located here:
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Visit the changelog here:
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Screen shot Thread here:
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Download Links here:
Sven Co-op: Pleasing Taste, Some Monsterism


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