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It's been about 3 years since had hosted Sven Co-op!

Sven Co-op 5.0 Release information from the Sven Co-op website

Sven Co-op's 17th Anniversary, Imminent Steam Game Release!
19 January, 2016 | by Sven Viking View Comments

On this day in 1999, two months after the release of Half-Life, I posted the first public version of the Sven Co-op mod to the Atomic Half-Life fan site. Now, seventeen years, thousands of custom maps, and millions of downloads later, Sven Co-op is about to be released on Steam as a stand-alone game.

Sven Co-op will be available to download for the bargain price of USD$0 this Friday, the 22nd of January! All donors past and present will keep their bonus features in the Steam version.

The stand-alone game includes many hundreds of features, fixes and improvements, as well as new maps and content. Valve have also kindly allowed us to include their original Half-Life campaign free of charge, playable cooperatively even by people who don't own the original game! New features have allowed the co-op version of the storyline maps to be reworked in a way that stays true to the original game while remaining challenging for multiple players.

Additionally, thanks to Valve providing us with a Goldsrc license, the team had been able to update the engine itself to allow Sven Co-op and its maps to surpass the limitations of standard mods. The Steam release will also allow for easy installation, frequent iterative updates, and eventual Steam Workshop support.

I wasn't closely involved in 5.0's development, but I remain in proud awe of the team's dedication and the countless hours of work put into accomplishing this Steam release. Ever since the first custom map (GargHunt) was created for version 1.0, Sven Co-op has also been a community-driven project. The SC team and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the mappers, artists, server ops, donors, and others without whom we would never have come this far. We hope the new Sven Co-op SDK, scripting language, updated level editor and server tools will be of use to many of you as you continue to create endless imaginative content and generally keep the community running!

This 5.0 release is dedicated to Brent "BackAssward" Holowka, who left development and more important matters against his own will on October 9th, 2015. He is sorely missed.
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What a lovely and informative first post, @CoZmicShReddeR. I, myself, have just got back into the swing of Sven after having followed it for a few years now since 2.0. And while I can always appreciate a round of vanilla, I decidedly play on SCXPM a lot more. So, having found your server as one of few with the experience mod installed I made a nice, cozy niche for myself in there.

I'm not sure how thoroughly you plan to upkeep the Sven server, if it's low on the priority list or y'all just plain busy, but there are a few things that need to be addressed. The devs shipped out an update yesterday and the server hasn't downloaded it yet. No biggie! I'm patient. :) Just thought you should know. Additionally, there's two particular maps that crash when the server loads them after a short amount of time; fortified1 and bm_sts.

Thanks for listening. I hope my friends and I can game on your server soon enough. PS: I think I sent you a friend request trying to contact you sooner while I was waiting for an email confirmation. Sorry if that was a little intrusive.

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