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Feb 7, 2011
Hi, new member here! I actually have been playing Sven for only a couple weeks. I purchased HL on release (still have the disks!) but recently returned to some of the mods to chill with some friends.

There's a guy who's joined the COZ's WORLD server several times and instantly tried to RTV. This is very annoying when we're trying to solve a difficult puzzle, or we're all enjoying ourselves. To make matters worse, occasionally he'll join and run ahead solving everything, this becomes particularly annoying on the maps like the HL/ Opposing Force coop maps where map changes are VERY frequent, so I finish loading, and start to walk about and I'm already reloading. I wouldn't complain if it was just me, nor if it only happened a couple of times. But this is not only frequent, but annoying. Most of these maps are only fun for their puzzles, and if someone's running ahead solvign them it's pointless to try.

I didn't catch his name, but I did grab his Steam ID number from one of his sprays.

I think his name was 2manyvideogames or 2muchvideogames or something. I understand if you're bored, or you've done this too much...but maybe that's an indication that you need to walk away and either make a new map or go to a new mod instead of returning (which indicates an unhealthy habit, IE: Addiction).

Thank you!
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