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Dec 31, 1969
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What style do you use? Research paths? Favorite class and skills? I'm still learning, myself, so I don't reall know what my absolute favorite is, but I can tell you that I don't play NF much for asthetic reasons. I'd have to say my current fav. res. pathe is this for open maps. Opinons and constructive criticism are welcome and appreciated.
Res. Path:
Mech Engy
adv. machining
composite armor and gas turbine(depending on our resources if not, then bio/bio diesel/regen armor)
improved detonation compounds
HE shells (squish)
run back to mechanical and research adv. tank chassis
med tanks
run back AGAIN to chemistry
impoved warhead compounds
upgraded missles
(depending on the state of the game I may research adv. gren. rockets after this.)
then on to improved heat something or other
adv. coolant engine
electrical engineering
guidance systems
guided rockets
adv. mag. res.
Rail guns (because by now people are probably screaming for 'em)
turrets lvl 2
turrets lvl 3
(these are to help assault, not defend. Turrets only prolong the game, not decide it.)
nuc. fission
nuclear warheads (because people are probably screaming for them now, too.)
then, according to how many resources I have at my disposal, I may take requests on what to research next.
Then I usually just hang back and let the team rape the enemy with tanks, ninjaneers, arty, and grenadiers.
About the railguns for BE. Isn't it obvious by now to the NF players that that's what BE comms almost ALWAYS go for? Don't you people think that a NF comm with even half a brain will realize this and compensate? My point is, people, please, please, PLEASE, don't become dependant on one type of weapon alone. In the famous words of one of my heros: "If your opponent thinks of the mountains, attack like the sea, and if your opponent thinks of the sea, attack like a mountain!" I'll give a respect vote to whomever can tell me who and what this is from.
Also a word of advice, though not my own. If you must build a jeep...BUILD A FREAKING APC!!!


Dec 31, 1969
I like to use a couple of tactics, sometimes I sneak off by myself and get behind the enemy and pick them off or I sometimes will stick with a small group of people and move along as they do.


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Dec 31, 1969
Join Brenodi Empire, be a rifleman with the heavy rifle and sticky grenades, join a squad and use the first skill to get health regen so I can be out in the field for longer amount of time without dying, kill anybody I see (I'm already good with the rifle so if you're not used to it you might need to practice), with second skill I get a ammo increase so I can stay out longer without having to return to base for ammo, keep killing until I get the 3rd skill, use that to get a damage increase so they go down quicker, once I get the 4th skill I get a health boost.

What I mainly do is just do recon with the heavy rifleman, I can win against mostly anybody in a 1v1 fight (depends on how much health and ammo I have left). I don't like using tanks because its not really my style, with the heavy rifle once you get used to it you can pick people off at a distance that not many rifleman can do.

P.S. I forgot to mention this but make sure you stock up on ammo before heading out and stick to the trees, you'll see the enemy before they see you and you can flank most tanks and get them with stick grenades which result in a 1 hit kill, except with heavy tanks.

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