TF2 or Fortress Forever

Team Fortress 2 or Fortress Forever?

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I am not against either game but what I don't want is to do is confuse one over the other as TF2 is now to me a completely new game as where TF is just a remake of an old hl1 game.

I think Fortress Forever is more or less for extreme competitive players where TF2 is for people that are competitive but prefer something with a bit of silliness when playing games.

If I wanted to host something in a complete competitive nature I think "Fortress Forever" would be the one mainly because it would be better balanced nobody would have locked or unlocked weapons or I wouldn't have to listen to all the silly crap when someone dies.

I think between the two TF2 is better for fun but Fortress Forever is just mainly for serious competition which to me makes them totally different from one another. I mean when I play the Heavy on TF2 with a good healer I am unstoppable but on Fortress Forever you do not have those luxuries lol your ass needs some serious cover not some dude following you around healing you!

Anyways Tf2 for serious fun and Fortress Forever for serious Competition! :p

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