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Aug 24, 2012
Steam Name: Outsert
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41406093

Where: TF2 MvM server
When: Approximately 6:35 pm PST on 8/24/2012

Other players got vote kick/banned before me as well for reasons such as cheating, scamming, and idling, none of which they were doing.
I do not know the reason stated in the vote why I was banned, although I did see a vote flash up earlier trying to ban me for scamming, which makes no sense being as I was just playing the game normally and did not engage in any trade chat or trading.

Edit: Screenshot from map before the one I was banned on. 4 of the other 5 players are the same.

I am looking into it... The logs do not say who vote kicked anyone... I am sure Valve will need to add that to the log list... As it is I use logs for these type of issues as it shows scores and who was doing what and so far MVM doesn't collect a lot of data for the logs. I will try to pay better attention to the servers and am sorry you got abused but as it is there isn't a way for me to stop it unless I witness it through the logs or while I or another admin is in the server...

I will see what I can do to adjust the voting system...
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