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Jun 11, 2013
So what is the deal, you guys for the time being are the only ones with a server for Exterminatus RV2 and only 3 players, am I missing the influx of players or is there just no other people that play, and if no others play is there anything that can be done to get some people on the server, because I was looking forward to playing this mod.


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We host both servers for ChromeAngel he is the lead Developer for EXTERMINATUS - RIVAL SPECIES 2

Please join their Steam Group they schedule events to play it... We only host it but you are more then welcome to contact me and we can set up a CozWorld event on the cozworld Steam Group but I cannot guarantee anyone will join from the group...
Steam Community :: Group :: COZ-WORLD

Steam Community :: Group :: Exterminatus 2 - Rival Species GAME GROUP
Steam Community :: Group :: Exterminatus 2 - Rival Species GAME GROUP

I have spoken to ChromeAngel Numerous times about inviting people from Warhammer groups from various online sources but I haven't tried it and not sure he did or if he did get anyone from those groups outside of Steam...

I am sure if enough hardcore players join you make them a friend on Steam and invite them to join you on the server...

I'll try to help a little to get some more Scheduled times for match's on the server.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

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