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Dec 31, 1969
As of 3:30 Pm Friday afternoon, June 08th 2007, I joined the game to check on how several players had scores of 400-2000+. What I found is exactly what I expected, several players, sooosk, killer_chicken, Dethklok, Shepard and many more, just standing around the scientist with the alien slave model, just attacking him with crowbars, minguns, and crossbows. They were doing it and leveling once probably every 3 seconds. So as the only admin on, I gave them one warning to see if they would stop, they did not. I have banned 10 people for doing this and I am sure 2-3 of them got away with it, they are permanent bans even though some had no previous bans, after I banned all that I could the server cleared until no-one but me was left. The point of this post is that if any of these people request unban, I request that they be denied as if they used a racist term. All of their names are as follows, Sooosk, _chain_, Dethklok, Shepard, Hard, s1zzl3r, bigkillka1190, bradford, empire & killer_chicken. Thank you for your time in reading this post, and I hope that it's signifigance is not lost.

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