The Kirby Way


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Today 9:53 AM
Jul 9, 2008
United States, PA
Today, I will give my thoughts on Kirby Super Star Ultra. This is the best Kirby game to date. The game play is highly addicting and it still has all the abilities from past games. There are no new adventures, but there are new mini games. All the new mini games are bland and about fun for about 10 minutes.
? ? ? ? Kirby is more pink and cute in this title. The graphics were enhanced and the controls play well. A small thing that was missing was the coop. There is no coop unless you have a buddy that loves Kirby too and bought the game. You can do link play if that one buddy has the game. If your buddy does not have the game, you can do Spring Breeze only for coop.
? ? ? ? Other then that, The game has cut scenes that are interesting to watch, and some of the treasures in The Great Cave Offensive were replaced by some other funny items from other Nintendo games. There are also group sub-games in the menu. If you played this game before, and know all the secrets, this game would probably take you 4-8 hours to beat. But if your like me, you would be playing this game over and over. Get the game, its worth the buy!

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