Tripwires sequel to red orchestra, Heroes of Stalingrad


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It has been announced by the Tripwire team makers of Red Orchestra:eek:stfront and Killing floor are making a sequel to red orchestra called
Red orchestra:Heroes of Stalingrad which will be using the UT3 engine

In Heroes of Stalingrad this time is involving a single player campaign as the Axis forces fighting through the most brutal battle in history "The battle of Stalingrad" Heroes of Stalingrad will involve you more with axis side of the war in Stalingrad through a single campaign In 1943 fighting for survival as a soldier of the Wehrmacht against the Red army.
The game is not only going to be single player but involving a Co-op and multilayer as well if you played the first red orchestra you see its just all multilayer but now we get experience the full realistic combat of red orchestra using the UT3 engine Single player campaign and Co-op.

For more information go to the following links, more information on the game will be announced in June 2009 ... hp?t=30361 ... announced/ ... -Announced



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Re: Tripwires sequel to red orchestra, Heros of Stalingrad

That's enough for me to get it. I've never played a single player mission through the eyes of an axis soldier..

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